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Bar Jobs In Sydney Australia

Travellers love to get bar jobs in Sydney Australia. The wages are good and there are lots of jobs available. Currently in Australia there is a very low unemployment rate.

However, you’ll need something called an “RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate” before you start looking for bar jobs in Sydney Australia. You can get an RSA certificate in less than a day.

"RSA Certificate" - Required By Law

All bar staff in Australia are required by law to hold an RSA certificate. If you want to work in bars that have a gambling room (such as a poker machine room or a TAB room) then you may also need to hold an RCG certificate. RCG stands for “Responsible Conduct of Gambling”.

An RCG certificate is not strictly mandatory (only if you want to work in the actual gambling room itself) whereas the RSA certificate is mandatory.

However, as the state of New South Wales has over 10% of the world’s poker machines (what does this say about our national character?) you are much more likely to get a job if you hold both your RSA and RCG certificates.

This is because if you hold both certificates, the bar manager will know that they can roster you on in any area of the bar, and that you can replace bar staff who may be absent or ill. In other words, you are a much more valuable asset to the bar manager, and therefore much more likely to find a bar job in Sydney Australia.

Getting your RSA and RCG Certificates

The next thing to know about finding bar jobs in Sydney Australia is that you can achieve your RSA and your RCG certificates as part of a 7-day bartending course, or in about 6 hours each if you already know how to bartend. You will probably only spend about 2.5 hours studying the Responsible Service of Alcohol or the Responsible Conduct of Gambling material, as you will have time for lunch and tea breaks as well as the exam itself. Although I have not done it personally, many people have told me that the exam is easy.

Each certificate will cost around $65 AUD. The certificates do not expire or require any kind of renewal. However, you should know that the RSA and RCG certificates are only valid in NSW and may not be valid in other Australian states (although they may be recognised).

Before you choose your training provider ask them if they are LAB (Liquor Administration Board) approved. Otherwise the RSA and RCG certificates you hold in your hands may not be worth the paper they are printed on.

I recommend getting both your RSA and RCG certificates. They will help you very quickly get one of the many bar jobs in Sydney Australia.